Music and Movement

Do babies recognize different rhythms?

Age: 4 months 1 day - 4 months 30 days OR 6 months 1 day - 6 months 30 days

Duration: about 20 minutes

What it is about: In this study we investigate how babies perceive the combination of music, song and movement. In particular, we are interested in when babies begin to recognize synchrony between music and movement and which factors influence their perception. For this purpose, your baby will be shown a few different videos accompanied by music.

Participation requirements: Computer, laptop or tablet and an internally or externally connected webcam and speakers. Also a pair of sunglasses for yourself.

How you can participate: Click on the orange bar below to enroll and read the participant information and consent form carefully. If you decide to participate, please give your consent and you will immediately receive an email with the link to the study and can then participate with your baby at any time.