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Höhl, S., Keupp, S., Schleihauf, H., McGuigan, N., Buttelmann, D., & Whiten, A. (2019). 'Over-imitation': A review and appraisal of a decade of research. Developmental Review, 51, 90-108.

Bánki, A. A., Lefebvre, A., Engemann , D. A., Pedoux, A., Amsellem, F., Delorme, R., & Dumas, G. (2019). Analysis of Neural Dynamics during Social Interaction with a Virtual Avatar in Autism. Poster session presented at International Society for Autism Research Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada.

Langeloh, M., Michel, C., Matthes, D., & Hoehl, S. (2019). Are we in sync? Brain-to-brain coupling during imitation.. Poster session presented at IMPRS NeuroCom Summer School, Leipzig , Germany.

Langeloh, M., Michel, C., Matthes, D., & Hoehl, S. (2019). Brain-to-brain coupling between adults and infants in a live imitation paradigm.. Poster session presented at Budapest CEU Conference on Cognitive Development 2019, .

Köster, M., Langeloh, M., Kliesch, C., Kanngiesser, P., & Hoehl, S. (2019). Communication boosts cultural learning in the infant brain.. Poster session presented at Budapest CEU Conference on Cignitive Development 2019, Budapest, Hungary.

Sirsch, U., Zupančič , M., Levec, K., & Friedlmeier, M. (2019). Daughter or Son? Does Maternal and Paternal Financial Socialization Differ?. Paper presented at XVI European Congress , Moscow, Russian Federation.

Michel, C., Langeloh, M., Matthes, D., Kayhan, E., & Hoehl, S. (2019). Inter-brain and behavioral synchrony during joint attention.. Poster session presented at 4. Workshop der DFG (Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft, München, Germany.

Michel, C., Matthes, D., & Hoehl, S. (2019). The influence of social cues on infants' object encoding in natural mother-infant interactions.. Poster session presented at PaEpsy 2019, Leipzig, Germany.


Schleihauf, H., Tsvetkova, N., König, A., Mombaur, K., Höhl, S., & Pauen, S. (2018). Do humans over-imitate robots?.

Bánki, A. A., Jäger, C., Weiskopf, N., & Geyer, S. (2018). Measuring the Axonal G-Ratio Distribution in the Human Optic Chiasm Region with Histology ex Vivo. Poster session presented at 24th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Singapore, Singapore.

Showing entries 30 - 45 out of 205