Anna Andrea Bánki, BA master
Bánki, AA, Yamasaki, D, Itakura, S, Hoehl, S & Köster, M 2019, 'How maternal guidance of attention shapes infants’ visual perception: A cross-cultural neuroscience approach' PaEpsy 2019, Leipzig, Germany, 9/09/19 - 12/09/19, .

Bánki, AA, Lefebvre, A, Engemann , DA, Pedoux, A, Amsellem, F, Delorme, R & Dumas, G 2019, 'Analysis of Neural Dynamics during Social Interaction with a Virtual Avatar in Autism' International Society for Autism Research Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada, 1/05/19 - 4/05/19, .

Bánki, AA, Jäger, C, Weiskopf, N & Geyer, S 2018, 'Measuring the Axonal G-Ratio Distribution in the Human Optic Chiasm Region with Histology ex Vivo' 24th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Singapore, Singapore, 17/06/18 - 21/06/18, .

Bánki, AA, Lefebvre, A, Landman, B, Delorme, R & Dumas, G 2018, 'Behavioral and neural dynamics during social interaction with a virtual avatar in autism spectrum disorder' Interactions sociales, Systèmes Intelligents et Santé, Paris, France, 21/03/18, .

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