Project description

The formation of object representations in the infant brain

Project leaderUniv.-Prof. Dr. Stefanie Höhl
Project partnersDr. Dr. Moritz Köster (FU Berlin), Dr. Radoslaw Cichy (FU Berlin), Dr. Emma Ward
Project membersChristina Maria Schätz, MSc (Universität Wien)
Duration2020 - 2023


Neural oscillations play a key role in the integration of information and learning processes in adults. Our goal in this project is to investigate the neural oscillations that underlie learning about objects in infants in their first year of life. We combine EEG (electroencepahlography) measurements in early infancy with innovative stimulation and analysis methods from neuroscientific research with adults to study the neural dynamics in early brain development. This allows a deeper understanding of how infants form basic representations and the neural mechanisms underlying early learning processes.

The project is supported by the FWF (project number I 4332) as part of the DACH programme with the DFG (KO 6028/1-1).